The Inter-Connectedness of Life on Earth

a poem by Janice M. Pickett

Quantum leaps of mammoth proportion
Vibrating the energy of a world once dying from a breakdown in energy
Man awakes to a realization that he holds the power within
Magic is in fact not an illusion as once thought and expressed
Energy so powerful is resonating to higher frequencies fast Infinate perhaps
Connecting and attracting desires into a once desolate creation
Feng shui the art of discovering the energy within a place
These elements that impact on our lives
The force that drives us and spirals us to greater heights
The matrix perhaps? In all it's facets unleashed and ready for exploration
Energy changes us moment to moment in the realization that without energy  friction and movement nothing could exist
Life is the way it is because it is familiar this way and safer for us than stepping out
We feel safe within our narrow understanding 
What if? By creating every experience in our lives we could change it all?
For every action is created by man and for every action is a reaction
However we think about it whether we consider something is  possible for us to do or we think it is not possible
Whatever way we think
We are right for we will be as we think
Such is the universal law that connects all existence
This is the great secret to our salvation

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